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European Programmes

  • Horizon Cosmos Programme (1998)
    As a national partner, Renaissance took part:
    1. in cultural and creative activities
    2. the organization and operation of the social club, Foyers
    3. the organization and operation, in Athens, of the first pilot European art exhibition for the promotion of works by European patients (Greece, Scotland, Belgium, England, Austria, Sweden etc.).
  • European Commission-Directorate General V-"An enabled voice in mental health"
    Renaissance participated in developing a network of non-governmental organisations (Greece, Scotland, Austria).
  • EU Initiative EQUAL, Synergy (2002) Renaissance took part in this initiative for the development of entrepreneurship to support mentally ill people.

National Programmes

  • Programme World Health Organization's "Schizophrenia - Open the Doors"
    Renaissance participated in tackling the stigma of mental illness.
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security Programme for the Provision of Support Services
    Renaissance participated in activities to prepare patients for vocational rehabilitation.


  • The organization of volunteer groups and mutual support (visits to chronic patients living in sheltered flats, mutual fund operation, etc.)
  • The organization of psycho-educational groups, supported by the Scientific Committee of the EMAEE-UMHRI, to develop positive attitudes among patients towards therapeutic methods, acceptance of their illness and their socio-vocational reintegration.


  • The active role of the Association, in cooperation with the EMAEE-UMHRI, in the implementation of EU programmes and the organisation of a European network of associations for people with mental disorders (Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, Latvia, etc), to develop exchange programmes and joint activities in communities at the local and European levels and in promoting the rights of patients.
  • Actions and advocacy for the rights of persons with mental disorders.
  • Organization and operation of an afternoon Social Club (group for expression, movement, dance, etc).
  • Participation in scientific conferences and workshops to sensitize the community on mental illness.
  • Participation in the publication of the EMAEE-UMHRI periodical, Our Voice, and the book Outline of Life.
  • Active involvement in the design and organization of other similar associations (Department of Mental Health of Cyprus, Nicosia Patient Association Foundation).
  • Participation in the organization of voluntary groups supported by the Scientific Committee of the Organization of Voluntary Groups.
  • Actions to raise community awareness through organizing art exhibitions in collaboration with the urban non-profit social enterprise Cosmos-Horizon (NGO).
  • Member of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).
  • Member of the Federation of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations (OEMKOE).
  • Registered in the National Register of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
  • Participates in the Special Audit and Protection Committee for the rights of persons with mental disorders at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.