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Our association was founded in 1984 by people with mental disorders who were users of mental health services, under the name "Association against stigma against mental disorders: Continuity.”

It was the first association of people with mental disorders who participated in pilot pre-vocational programmes created by the First Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Athens.

In 1994, the Association expanded with the participation of workers, friends and volunteers, as well as therapists. It also took on a new name, “ASSOCIATION AGAINST STIGMA AGAINST PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS: Renaissance”.
Since 1998, with the support of the Special Unit of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation (EMAEE) of the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI), the Association has participated in European Union programmes and has organized a network of Associations of People with Mental Disorders in EU member states.

In 2008, the Association was accepted as a full member of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) (Law 3920) and our elected representative participates in the General Council of the Confederation.

In 2009, we moved firmly and decisively, taking initiatives at a national level which would lead to the creation of a federation of persons with mental disorders.